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Game On! Innovation token operates as a investment fund. The company (Game On!) manages investments such as stocks, private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate, innovative technology, credit strategies & digital assets. Game On! Inc. serves clients worldwide.

We manage funds while making tough decisions as to how those funds would generate profit.

We're proud to serve nearly half of the world with a broad range of financial services, including

*Investment advice

*Angel Investments (Lending)

*Small business loans and payments processing

*Auto financing

*Bitcoin mining

*Real estate investment

*Asset management

*Venture capitalism

*Sponsorship & Partnership

We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and communities we serve to grow.

Game On! Innovation strategically allocates our capital along side our client's capital to help businesses grow. We advise organizations, individuals and small businesses on raising capital and managing risk, which enables them to grow. We develop ideas and analysist that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth.

The official coin of Game On! Innovation, Crypto. GOI is a tokenized investment fund, run on and secured by the Ethereum network (ERC20). Holding GOI will give you special access to projects that won't be available to the public. In addition, GOI will literally give you ownership to a percentages of all projects created. Quarterly dividends will be paid out in proportion to the amount of GOI you hold. 


The GOI Fund is a digital asset investment portfolio controlled in partnership with Game On! Inc. Crypto and the holders of GOI token. Holding GOI token gives you an ownership in the fund and a right to receive quarterly payouts.

How It Works

The GOI Fund's starting balance will be recorded at token launch. Each quarter a snapshot will be taken of all wallets holding GOI. Dividends will be paid out with Ethereum in proportion to each wallet's GOI.

The Split

50% - paid to Game On! Inc. Crypto.
25% - paid to holders of GOI token.
25% - reinvested back into the GOI Fund.

Fund Allocation & Growth

50% - Investment into BTC, ETH, & Altcoins (Low Risk)
30% - Defi, Staking, Misc Investments (Medium Risk)
20% - Trading Growth (Higher Risk)

Bonus: 50% of all Game On! Inc Crypto's Project profits will be added to the GOI Fund. 
Bonus: 10% of all Game On! Inc. Crypto's advertising revenue will be added to the GOI Fund.

First Project: Is set to launch in January 2023.

Dividends Schedule

Q1 Snapshot: 3/31/2023
Q1 Payout: April 2023
Q2 Payout: July 2023
Q3 Payout: October 2023
Q4 Payout: January 2024


Initial Supply: 10,000,000 GOI
Reserves: 2,500,000 GOI 

Initial liquidity pool size will be determined to set token price at 0.00025 ETH.
Remaining tokens will be added to the liquidity pool at a rate of 10% /month.

*Only addresses that hold a minimum of 1000 GOI will be eligible for quarterly dividends.


Holding GOI will grant it's owner special and early access to investment opportunities not available to the public. Holding at least 10,000 GOI will give you access to a private chat group where these investments will be listed. In addition we hope to add governance capabilities in the future where holders of GOI will have a weighted vote in the allocation of the GOI Fund.

Rewards: NFTs, Game On! merchandise and other random rewards may be rewarded to GOI holders.

Wallet Address : 0x11eC2760278cc55807510e0Eeb66f9926fd75228