includes a selection of

Dodge Caravan's, Chevy Astro Van's & Chrysler Town&Country

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $75.00               $455.00               $1650.00

includes a selection of Chevy Colorado's,Nissan Frontier's & Toyota Tocoma's

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $65.00               $358.00               $1350.00

includes a selection of

GM Yukon & Tahoe, Acura RDX & Ford Exploer's

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $60.00               $350.00               $1200.00

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $50.00               $294.00                $945.00

includes a selection of  

Suzuki Grand Vitara's, Jeep Liberty's & Toyota Rav4's

D Class Vehicles

E Class Vehicles

includes a selection of

Nissan Maxima's, BMW 323i's & Chrysler Sebring's

B Class Vehicles

Doors   Seats     Transmission    A/C      Power Windows   CD Player     Drive     Keyless Entry

      4              5                       AUTO                 YES                      YES                           YES                  4WD                  YES

Doors   Seats     Transmission    A/C    Power Windows     CD Player    Drive     Keyless Entry

     4                5                      AUTO                 YES                   YES                             YES                 4WD                 YES

Doors   Seats     Transmission    A/C     Power Windows   CD Player     Drive     Keyless Entry

     4               5                      AUTO                  YES                    YES                           YES                  4WD                 YES

Doors   Seats     Transmission    A/C     Power Windows    CD Player    Drive     Keyless Entry

     3               7                      AUTO                  YES                   YES                             YES                 4WD                 YES

Doors  Seats     Transmission     A/C    Power Windows    CD Player     Drive     Keyless Entry

      4             5                       AUTO                  YES                   YES                           YES                   4WD                 YES

includes a selection of

Mazda 626, Mitsibushi Lancer & Toyota Corolla

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $30.00               $140.00                $300.00

Doors     Seats   Transmission    A/C     Power Windows  CD Player      Drive      Keyless Entry

      4                 4                   AUTO                  YES                      YES                       YES                    2WD                      NO

A Class Vehicles

*All rates above subjected to include a 5% gov. tax & $12.per day Insurance (which is optional)

*Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of gas checked out with 

*Security Deposit $500.00, for cash paying customers $300.00

Rental Rates

Class Description                   1-2 days        3-6days        7-14days        15-21days        22-30days

(A) Small Car                                 $30               $25                $20                      $15                 $10

(B) Luxury Car                                $40               $35               $30                       $25                 $20

(C) Mid size SUV (4 Door)           $50                $45              $40                        $35                 $30

(D) Luxury SUV (4 Door)              $60                $55              $50                        $45                 $40

(E) Pickup Truck                            $65               $60              $55                        $50                  $45

(F) 7 Seater Minivan                     $75               $70              $65                        $60                  $55





& Much More

  • Free Pick up & Drop Off
  • 24hr Road Side Assistance
  • Free Mileage
  • Friendly Agents
  • Wide Selection of Vehicles
  • Clean Maintained Fleet

Luxury Fleet

Game On! car rentals is located in West End, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. With over 10 years experience in the car rental industry, we have what it takes to provide you with reliable and affordable vehicle rental for  your holiday or that business trip. Our friendly staff is always ready to serve you.

Open 7 Days a week, we are here to cater to all your car rental needs.

With BRAND NEW model vehicles 


Whether you need a small Car or SUV just to get around, a Pick Up Truck for those heavy boxes or a Mini-Van for those family trips. Game On! can supply you with the vehicle of your choice.

Make the most of your visit to the Virgin Islands. Contact Game On! today and experience our wonderful services.

‚ÄčAll interested person(s) must be 25yrs or older to rent vehicles

Finally a car rental company with prices that wouldn't run you over.

 Daily          Weekly         Monthly  $40.00               $210.00                $600.00

It's Everywhere...

F Class Vehicles

C Class Vehicles