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Willis Blackett

April 2023

​Listing $XGO! token on Centralized Exchange

Shawdey Foreman

Game On! Token (XGO!)

Engaged in

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XGO! token is a digital asset / investment portfolio controlled in partnership with Game On! Inc. and the holders of XGO! token. Holding XGO! token gives you an ownership in the fund and a right to receive quarterly payouts. Each quarter a snapshot will be taken of all wallets holding XGO!. Dividends will be paid out with Ripple's XRP in proportion to each wallet's XGO!.

The Split

50% - paid to Game On! Inc. Crypto.
25% - paid to holders of XGO! token.
25% - reinvested back into the GOI Fund.

Fund Allocation & Growth

50% - Investment into BTC, ETH, & Alts (Low Risk)
30% - Defi, Staking, Misc Investments (Medium Risk)
20% - Trading Growth (Higher Risk)

Bonus: 50% of all Game On! Inc Crypto's Project profits will be added to the XGO! liquidity. 
Bonus: 10% of all Game On! Inc. Crypto's advertising revenue will be added to the XGO! liquidity.

First Project: Is set to launch in January 2024.

Dividends Schedule

Q1 Snapshot: 3/31/2024
Q1 Payout: April 2024
Q2 Payout: July 2024
Q3 Payout: October 2024
Q4 Payout: January 2025

Initial Supply: 10,000,000 XGO!
Reserves: 2,500,000 XGO! 


Game On! Inc.

It's everywhere...

  • ​Transportation
  • clothing
  • investment
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate
    & Much More

Content Creator

Rhondella Guishard

Marketing Executive

Graphic Designer

Corporate Development 

Mike Frett

Chief Financial Officer

September 2022

​Website launch, $XGO! token launch, Presale on DEX


Technoloy Officer

Social Influencer

January 2023

​Release the official Marketplace, Additional audit for $XGO! tokens

The Team

Loftus George

Rodney Rampersad

Allington Creque

Carolyn Blackett

  • Total supply: 10,000,000

  • Circulating supply: 1,400,000

  • Launch Price: 10,000 XRP

A fourth generation industrial revolution

December 2022

​Explore beta Marketplace. Establish new partnerships and associations in the industries as well as the service sectors.



The official token of Game On! Innovation, Crypto. XGO! is a token, run on and secured by the XRP network (XRPL). Game On! token is a currency and only payment option for a private island ecosystem, tied to a investment fund that can be used to pay for different activities available such as, Diving, Sailing & Fishing charters, Under water restaurant dining, Parasailing, Jet Skies ,ATV’s along with a vast amount of activities available. Game On! token can be used to make every day common purchases once you arrive on the island.

Sales Manager


Now available on XRPL DEX

The official token of Game On! Innovation, Crypto. XGO! is a tokenized asset, run on and secured by the XRP network (XRPL). Holding XGO! will give you special access to projects that won't be available to the public. In addition, XGO! will literally give you ownership to a percentage of all projects created. Quarterly dividends will be paid out in proportion to the amount of XGO! you hold. 

October 2022

​More marketing to increase the value of $XGO!, Updating logo on XRPL at 2500 holders. Apply for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap at 5000 holders. Snapshot of top holders to airdrop free NFTs.

Yilian Mayreni


  • Name: Game On!

  • Symbol / Ticker: XGO!

  • Type: XRPL

  • ​Token ID Address     58474F2100000000000000000000000000000000

SVP of Engineering

We manage funds while making tough decisions as to how those funds would generate profit.

Governance & Access

Holding XGO! will grant its owner special and early access to investment opportunities not available to the public. Holding at least 1,000 XGO! will give you access to a private page where these investments will be listed. In addition we hope to add governance capabilities in the future where holders of XGO! will have a weighted vote in the allocation of the GOI Fund towards future projects.

Rewards: NFTs, Game On! merchandise and other random rewards may be rewarded to XGO! holders.

Tokenomics of XGO!

Legal Advisor

David Abednego

​​March 2023

​Hold the first $XGO! live launch party with community


Game On! Innovation will be the world’s first decentralized private island, a home away from home and a base for digital nomads where like-minded people can gather, support each other, build community, and learn and grow together. Part of the attraction of Game On! Innovation Island development is that it is a place to connect with a vibrant and diverse group of kind and accepting people. For this reason, it’s important to maintain a high level of community engagement with the project. Involving the community in every step of the project, including selecting of the developing projects on it, supports this goal. In this way, each community member will develop a profound personal connection to the island and each other, promoting long-term engagement and commitment to the project.

Game On! Innovation will power and be powered by the island’s native currency, $XGO!. The token will be the only form of currency used on the island. This will also drive demand for the token, providing holders an economic incentive to help make Game On! Innovation an amazing digital asset to have. This means $XGO! will be the key to enjoying all that the island has to offer. 

Game On! Innovation governance model is based on the concept of “Open Government.” This approach is based on the belief that full transparency and accountability leads to more efficient and fair operation of a project or country. The wallets used for the development and maintenance of Game On! Innovation are public and can be viewed by clicking the wallet icon above. Each of these wallets will be set in a multi-signature configuration requiring 3 of 4 signatures which will be entrusted to board members.


International Media Outreach

To provide maximum value to investors, the island must always be growing and evolving. Getting attention and press for Game On! Innovation will attract new members, partners, and sponsors who share our values and who bring new energy and ideas for projects that improve the experience for residents and visitors to the island. One way to achieve this is through sharing videos and photos that showcase life on the island, the progress of unique and interesting projects, and our values in action.

Charitable & Sponsorship

Game On! Innovation is about more than just excitement, enjoying tropical environment and development, we also want to make a difference in the world. It’s also very important for the long-term viability of the project that Game On! Innovation has good relations with the host territory's government where the island is located and nearby communities. Game On! Innovation will work together with local and international organizations to organize and participate in social and environmental projects that have a positive impact on the area surrounding our island. These efforts will also be documented to increase our media reach and attract more good people to the island. Activities will also be shared on social media to raise awareness about important issues. These videos and pictures will also complement Game On! Innovation's marketing efforts. Any of our holders who are visiting can also get involved and volunteer while visiting the island. Funding for the Game On! Innovation activities may come from donations, but we also hope that we can divert some of the funds from the marketing distribution later on.

  • Sustainable water management
  • Mangrove restoration
  • Flood mitigation
  • Wildlife protection
  • Reforestation
  • Coral reef protection
  • Weather resistant construction
  • Renewable energy


Owning an island is a big responsibility. As owners of the land, protecting the natural environment is our responsibility, and key to maintaining the quality of life on the island and the future for our planet. Forty percent (40%) of the energy on the island will be derived from renewable sources like the wind, water, and sun. Structures will be constructed using biodegradable, locally-available materials as much as possible. We will also strive to minimize waste and limit all forms of pollution.​We aim to operate in a green and low-carbon way through effective solid waste management and sustainable bioenergy. This will make a beautiful aesthetic and also help to cut down on the costs of bringing materials from the mainland. All structures will be equipped with water saving devices, and freshwater can be recycled for watering garden plants. We will strive to use biodegradable and reusable materials as much as possible to reduce the level of trash and prevent pollution from occurring. We also support local food production using techniques from modern day farming. This can reduce the carbon footprint by sourcing food from with in the islands farming initiative. 


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Those who contributed to making this webpage are not responsible for any decisions, behavior, or other actions that you take as a result of reading or reviewing this webpage. By buying XGO!, you acknowledge that you understand the team is offering the token “as is,” and is not legally bound to provide any services or support.

You also accept that buying or trading XGO! tokens doesn't entitle you to any fee, reward, tax, activity, or transaction from GOI or any of the GOI token team members, or any other party. 

This webpage must not be viewed as financial advice. The GOI team does not recommend that you buy, sell or hold any cryptocurrency. Be sure to do your due diligence and consult a qualified financial advisor before making any financial decisions. By buying XGO! tokens, you acknowledge that you are not buying an investment contract or security, and you agree that you will not hold the GOI team responsible for any taxes or losses you experience.

The GOI team does not guarantee the token’s compliance with the laws and regulations of any country in the world. Make sure to verify your local laws and regulations, and ensure that any purchases you make are fully compliant, before making a purchase or investment. This webpage is made available “solely” without any guarantees or assurances about the webpage and/or any information, data, or content provided by the webpage.


By purchasing Game On! Innovation token, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although Game On! Innovation is a community driven ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Digital Assets are not legal tender and are not investments.​​

Game On! Innovation strategically allocates our capital along side our client's capital to help businesses grow. We advise organizations, individuals and small businesses on raising capital and managing risk, which enables them to grow. We develop ideas and analysist that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth.

Initial liquidity pool size will be determined to set token price at 1000.00 XRP.
Remaining tokens will be added to the ledger pool at a rate of 0.00001% a month.

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